Active Mama 4 Week Program is perfect for new mums, busy mums or any mum who is ready to get back into those pre baby jeans, with daily 30 minutes workout that you can do from the comfort of your home.

After completing our Active Mama 4 Week transformation program you will learn how to exercise optimally and safely, gain discipline, what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, resulting in you feeling lighter and more energisd to tackle the day.

What's in it for you?

Accountability and access to our Active Mama Fitness App + Maira's personal support

All you need to achieve your goals and daily habits

Tasty macro friendly recipes + shopping list

Detailed workout guide + Live sessions + video tutorials & supportive community


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Frequently Asked Questions

If I am unable to make a session, can I still participate in the challenge?

We do prefer that you commit to three structured exercise sessions each week, however, we know sometimes people can’t make a session, this is why you can get a pre recorded session. It is advisable to join the session Live to get the most out of the workout and Maira can correct all technique which will give you a better understanding.

What equipment do I need for this programs?

Our Active Mama Homekit

Why is it so important to keep your pelvic floor strong? Is it important even if you’re not thinking about having kids?

The pelvic floor is important to everyone – male and female – but we talk about it most in conjunction with having babies. This muscle needs to be strong to support us through our whole life, so it is important to exercise it throughout your 20s onwards, and learn how to utilise it effectively when exercising.
The pelvic floor muscle is mostly an endurance muscle that supports proper posture, so reduces the risk of back pain, supports your organs, stops incontinence and improves sexual sensation. It will also aid hugely in labour. When sudden pressure is put on the pelvic floor, it needs to be strong to react quickly, for example when you exercise intensity, sneeze or cough.

I’m years Postpartum, is it too late for me to make improvements?

The good news is it’s NEVER too late to make improvements. Some of my students are 30+ years postpartum and still see/feel amazing results!

I live outside of the Dubai, can I enroll in your program?

Sure! All my programs are online based and I train women from around the world.

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