Finding time to exercise as a busy mum

I completely understand how hard it is to find the time to workout as I have been there myself, but I have personally found that being as organized as possible and finding an exercise routine that I look forward to is the key to fitting exercise into my day. Once you’ve committed to getting back in shape, and you have a plan in place, finding time to exercise will become so much easier. Even so, there will be inevitable times when your schedule doesn’t go to plan and flexibility is required but don’t beat yourself up for missing a session (or a few sessions!) – but simply reschedule and pick up where you left off!

Here are my 3 top tips, which will help you find the time to make exercise an important part of your daily routine…

  1. Try to think of exercise as an appointment in your diary that’s as important as a baby weigh-in or doctor’s check-up, and allocate time accordingly you will need to workout for at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes each time to get the best results and to see your energy levels increase and your body shape change.
  2. Change into your workout clothes when you get up and make sure you exercise before you change out of them I put my workout gear as soon as I get up that way I ensure I get the workout in before the day.
  3. Don’t give up!  Talk with a friend in times of discouragement. Change up your workout routine if you get bored or burned out, but don’t give up. Don’t let your post-natal weight loss take the back seat! I often see people who are unsuccessful with weight loss constantly putting other life activities as higher priority than healthy behaviours and an exercise regime. But in order to find the time to exercise it must be one of your

priorities otherwise it will always be difficult to reach your goals. If you are so overcommitted that you truly cannot find the time to exercise on most days of the week, you may be under too much stress. Make the time to take care of yourself. People who are successful seem to have a positive attitude when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle—they do it daily no matter what. You got this

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